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How To Compose An Interesting Comparative Essay About Dracula

A comparative essay does just what the title says. It compares two things in whatever vessel you are using. In this case, the essay is about the Vampire. In this type of article, you would write an introduction, explain 2 contracts or comparisons, then a conclusion. It follows the format of most basic essays. The only difference is you have a definite structure to copy. Comparative essays are very easy to write and one of the first articles you may write as you begin your academic career.

I am going to give you several comparisons between the book and the film of Dracula. Once you have this information, you can compose a very interesting comparative essay based on the information below:

Book of Dracula

  1. Hawkins was a good hearted man in love with Mina
  2. The Vampire is an old man who looks like Vlad the Impaler
  3. Van Helsing thinks the Vampire killed the 3 village girls who were just innocent women
  4. Harkin escaped the castle and was never bitten by the girls
  5. Lucy is a very innocent young lady and Mina’s best friend
  6. The Vampire forces Mina to drink his blood
  7. Mina hates the vampire
  8. Dracula dies after his throat is cut

Movie of Dracula

  1. Hawkins is a terrible man
  2. Van Helsing believes Dracula is a vampire
  3. Van Helsing kills the 3 village girls who are vampires
  4. Harker is held captive in the castle and the 3 vampire girls drink his blood
  5. Lucy is a very perverted, loose whore of a woman
  6. The Vampire did not force Mina to drink his blood. It was her decision
  7. Mina falls in love with the vampire
  8. Mina puts Dracula out of his misery in the church

These are just a few of the comparisons between the book and the movie. It is up to you to pick a few of these differences and explain them and how they affected the outcome of the book or movie. There were some pretty big differences between the two. It is not your job to make any comments right or wrong about the differences. All you should do is state the differences and leave it up to your audience to decide which one they may prefer. Just state the facts and leave the rest up to the readers.

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