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The Intricacies Of Writing A Descriptive Essay On A Famous Person

People can become famous for many reasons, good and bad. While we have no real way of measuring the worth of a person’s fame, in dollars and cents, we can observe the huge influence they can have on society. For this reason, famous people are often followed, studied and revered by many important persons. Descriptive essays about famous people are not rare, you will be able to find one on any social media app you happen to use.

When writing a descriptive essay, there are several steps you should follow to ensure the composition of a well written, coherent piece. These steps can be tricky at times, requiring you to have excellent planning and associative skills. The following is a step by step guide to help you through the intricacies of writing a descriptive essay, about a famous person.

  1. State the reason for their fame
  2. Fame can come in two flavors, you may say good and bad, but it can also be said as publicly acceptable and not. Try to pinpoint the exact reason for a person’s fame and remember that this is different from the things that famous people do. The point at which the public realizes that a person is worthy of their attention, is the reason you are looking for.

  3. Who were they before they became famous
  4. Before someone becomes a public figure, more than likely, they were a completely different person. If you could access this part of a celebrity’s life, you, and your readers, may be in for a serious shock.

  5. Did fame change them
  6. What effect did fame have on the celebrity’s personality and behavior? Did it change them significantly or not at all? Is it possible that there are changes that would come, regardless of who the person is, or does fame affect each person differently?

  7. How long will they remain famous
  8. Some people wish to remain famous and some do not. Some people are also famous for life and nothing they can do will change this, while others try desperately to hold on to fame that is hopelessly slipping away. Try to identify the type of fame that your subject possesses.

  9. Be objective
  10. You may be a fan of your subject and this can be beneficial to your story. However, subjectivity usually comes with its problems, always do you best to give objective information and analysis when working on your paper.

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