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Comparison topics for essay

What are the categories in comparison topics for essay projects? Knowing the answer will help you pick a topic and guide you on how to write it. Comparison essays are articles written for the sake of contrasting two (sometimes more) entities. This is not always necessarily for the purpose of choosing the better one, but to educate the reader on the advantages and disadvantages of all analyzed options. You may receive essay prompts from your professor to write on a certain category. Knowing these identifying categories will help you to decide which one is best suited to your writing designation. You may find that all your compare & contrast essay assignments can be directed in the same, preferred way you enjoy writing most. For the sake of analyzing all of the following categories, let us use the subject of organic gardening as the example.

Location comparison

In school you may have been asked to write about which school trip was your favourite. By comparing different aspects, you would give the reader your choice according to location features. One place offers this benefit, while the other offers a different benefit. Using our example, you would be able to discuss the growing conditions of one climate versus another. The ground may be more fertile here, but the weather is more conducive to vegetable growing there.

Individual comparison

This is the comparing of two people with each other. In a gardening context, you could look at the advice offered by two professionals who differ in their approach to planting, harvesting and cooking their home vegetables. If you are a people’s person, then this one is for you. Reading about the methodologies of both professionals and comparing them with each other can generate a feeling of mild intimacy with the subjects.

Abstract comparison

This is probably the broadest category. For most topics you can take an idealistic approach by comparing abstract features of the subject. Taking our example, we could look at the tendency of consumers why they prefer to buy cheap essay rather than writing a paper by themselves. Or, if that seems a bit too distant from the subject, we could evaluate the differences between someone who keeps a vegetable garden, and someone who does not see the need to. Looking at reasons, constraints and motivations, these could both make for interesting comparison topics for essay assignments.

Object comparison

Probably one of the most common, this category is about comparing an object to another. Car magazines often use this category to put two car brands up against each other to give the reader a better idea of which one is the better. With our subject example, we could look at types of fertilizers or even at the vegetables themselves. Use lots of features and benefits when choosing this category, especially if you prefer buying essays.

Methodology comparison

comparison essay topics tipsWhich way works better; yours, or mine? Methodology is a fun one to opt for. Here you can weigh up the differences between various means of achieving the same goal. There are many approaches you can take with this category when looking at our example. There are various watering techniques, pruning methods and even multiple ways to use your harvested vegetables in the kitchen.

As we have seen, there are many angles one can look at a topic. Whichever one you choose for your essay, remember to write according to comparison essay convention. If you don't know how to choose a good topic for your essay? Then, you can click here for more info and have your paper written in a while. Also, once a topic category has been chosen, do not steer away from your choice. Keep on track and make your point as vivid as it needs to be.


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