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Getting A Free Essay Online: Is It Possible

With all of the hype about plagiarism checking software, you might wonder if it is still possible to find a free essay online. The answer is clearly, yes. However, when you are hunting for a free essay online, you have to be very careful where you find it and how you use it. It is always a good idea to remember that if you can find an essay, your instructor can find it, too.

Free Essays at Top Essay Writing Companies

Ironically, some of the best free essays are available at the websites that sell essays. The top essay writing sites have sample essays for students who would prefer to just see an essay rather than buy an essay. These sample essays may have been written by professional essay writers or they may simply be samples that were gathered from around the Internet. Free essays from essay writing websites are good to use a templates, but they should never be turned in as your own work for an assignment grade.

Check Your Favorite Collegiate Online Writing Labs

Another ironic place to find a free essay is on a collegiate writing lab website. These sites are teaching sites that help students learn how to use the English language for writing, reading, and speaking. You should be able to find samples of essays and research papers on the pages where the site offers lessons, tutorials, and explanations. Like the essays that you might find on essay writing sites, you should never use an essay you find on a college website as your own. If you were to turn in an essay you found for free as an assignment, you would be accused of plagiarism and you might be expelled from school.

Bloggers Provide Plenty of Free Resources

If you prefer to find an essay on a more obscure site, you can search blog posts for free essays. Since bloggers enjoy writing, many of them often write about writing. You should be able to find samples of essays and research papers for free from writing bloggers. These essays also should not be used as assignments, but they are always fair game to be used as templates or as essay that can be rewritten to take away the signs of plagiarism. In some cases, free essays can also be used for quotes if you need to include sources and citations.


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