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A List Of Discursive Essay Topics For High School Students

There is nothing to worry about if your professor has assigned you a discursive writing task. You may not be aware of the type and might wonder how will you address it successfully. Well this is simply an argumentative style of writing with less authoritative tone. You need to keep your writing more balanced and find a middle path instead of forcing your ideas on the reader or convincing them to agree with you. It is fun to write a discursive essay and you would enjoy reading your piece once you are done

The title of your assignment is critical because it will decide the scope of your work. You need to make sure that you start your paper with an engaging topic so that you can build the curiosity and interest of your audience for reading the rest of your paper

Here are some interesting and fresh ideas you can consider for writing a discursive essay in high school

Topics for a discursive essay in high school

  1. Content should not be more important than graphics and quality imagery
  2. Media like television and video games promote violent behaviors in the kids
  3. Medication should be revised and given a second thought before recommending to young children
  4. Nursing is a tougher career as compared to the service industry
  5. Should schools have uniform to avoid the social class and status differences
  6. Is golf anyway better than cricket
  7. Should test cricket be banned from the international cricket
  8. How is it justified for wrestles and sport stars to take steroids and other performance enhancing drugs
  9. How fair is it to hunt and kill animals for our hobbies and interests
  10. The conflict between economic interests and the existence of natural places
  11. Should we make it compulsory for high schools students to perform research
  12. Should cell phones be allowed in college
  13. Are cats better pets than dogs? How do you justify your answer
  14. Should abortion be legal and the choice of the mother no matter what week of pregnancy it is
  15. Should high schools have more sports inclination
  16. Is it fair to have the children suffer for the decisions made by parents
  17. Should laws for teens be revised and improved
  18. Should we accept homosexual people as a normal individual in the society

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