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Help Me Come Up with Some Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

What are essays that compare and contrast?

  • An essay that contrasts and compares is where one writes about two themes, ideas, items, or things.
  • Then, one states the similarities and differences of the two ideas.
  • With a compare and contrast essay, the reader determines which idea or item is the best and why.
  • The compare and contrast sections of the essay helps the targeted reader determine which idea or item is the best to use or best method to solve a problem.
  • Concerning the ideas, the reader is able to determine which one is the best to use to resolve a current issue or problem.
  • This type of essay is good to write when trying to solve a problem or issue that is affecting society as a whole.
  • Compare and contrast essays are the best essays to use in a debating competition.

How to choose good topics for compare and contrast essays?

  • The best topic to select is one that is a current issue and can be debated.
  • The topic should be one that greatly affects society.
  • The topic can be on something that has had detrimental effects on certain groups of individuals.
  • The topic should be of great interest and compelling to the writer.
  • The two topics chosen for the essay should have similarities and differences that can be recognized by the reader.
  • The writer should be able to defend one of the chosen topics as being the best one.
  • If the topic deals with how to solve an issue, then the reader should be able to determine which idea will be the best one to solve the issue.
  • If the topic deals with two items or two products, then the reader should be able to determine which item or product is the best one.

Good topics that can be considered for a compare and contrast essay:

  • Compare and contrast how the Ebola plague is being treated in America and African countries.
  • Compare and contrast the best method to deal with bullying in schools.
  • Compare and contrast to determine the best luxury vehicle: Mercedes Benz or BMW.
  • Compare and contrast who is the most talented singer: Lady Gaga or Madonna.
  • Compare and contrast who is the best basketball player: LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.
  • Compare and contrast what is the best pie: Pumpkin Pie or Sweet Potato Pie.
  • Compare and contrast the best method to deal with childhood obesity.

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