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How To Organize An Essay Conclusion About Social Media

The two most important parts to any composition are the beginning and the end. The introduction needs to grab the audience and the conclusion needs to close strong and leave your audience thinking about your topic. You will want to start and finish strong any time you compose. We have five solid tips to share on how to organize an essay conclusion about Social Media.

Five Tips for Your Social Media Paper Conclusion

  1. Go full circle- take a thought that you used in the introductory paragraph and re- visit it. This is called going full circle or being circular. You can change the order of a question or comment using all of the same words. For example, in the introduction you could have said that “ Your goals need wings in order to fly.” In the conclusion, you could say “ Give your dreams wings, so that they can fly.” Professional writers are fond of taking an essay full circle.
  2. You must restate the thesis statement- you have to write the thesis statement again in the end paragraph. Just switch up a few of the words or change the order. You can not end a composition without doing this. If the first paragraph said “Social Media is declining “ in the first paragraph, in the last paragraph you could say “The decline of Social Media has begun.”
  3. No new information- do not include any new material in the end portion of the paper. This is greatly frowned upon by experts in the field. You want to include an universal statement, restate the thesis differently, and simply sum up your idea. Never begin to present new facts, ideas, or data in the conclusion.
  4. Proof and edit carefully- you do not want to leave your reader with mistakes as the last thing that they read. You want to proof and edit, or find someone to do this for it. It is a very important task in the process.
  5. Consider a quote by a famous person- in the old days of writing, it was frowned on if the introductory or end paragraph had quotes in it. These days things have changed in the world of writing, it is perfectly acceptable and often encouraged to finish with an appropriate quote. It is a given and understood that someone else may have already said the exact words you need to close out your piece.

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