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What Should I Know To Write My Essay Without Mistakes

For those new to essay writing, it can be difficult to know what to do. Maybe you content is perfect, but the format is entirely wrong. If this happens, your professor or teacher will have no choice but to give you a low score. Avoid bad scores due to common mistakes with these tips.

Your topic or thesis should be very clear and must relate to everything you write.

In other words, if you intend to write about pine trees, do not include a random sentence about cedar trees. Keep to the topic. In an argumentative essay, make sure to not connect ideas that are not related.

Here is an example:

Chocolate Cake: The King of Desserts

Chocolate cake has risen in popularity since humans developed technology to turn cocoa beans into a sweet treat. When chocolate became the new hit treat, of course, it also got added to cakes as a topping or filling. Later on, after chocolate powders were being sold in every store, cooks began adding cocoa powder to cake batter. This is how chocolate cake was born. Vanilla cake was also developed around the same time.

The underlined sentence is not related to the topic of this essay. Therefore, it is an easy fix to simply delete this sentence.

Use a spell checker and grammar checking tool.

After writing a long essay, your eyes are tired from staring at a computer screen. Let the computer do your spelling and grammar edits for you by using a word processor’s spelling and grammar check tools.

Follow the directions exactly.

Often teachers or professors will have specific rules for essays. Sometimes, they add strange instructions just to see who has read them! Usually the instructions will include:

  • Minimum number of words and/or pages
  • Font style and size
  • Spacing (single or double spaced)
  • Margin size (one-inch margins are the most common)
  • Citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago Manual, etc.)

Use an appropriate language style.

Written English is not the same as spoken English! In an essay, you must never write exactly the way you speak.

Always write in written English style, even if it seems too formal. For example:

Spoken English:

There're a billion reasons why the sun is the coolest object in the solar system.

Written English:

There are several reasons the sun is the most interesting object in the solar system.


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