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Tips For Composing A Great Essay Title About Divorce

You’ve written a great essay on the topic of divorce and now find yourself staring hard at the top of the paper, desperately trying to come up with a good title. Why are drawing sudden blanks you ask. Why is it that these last few words are eluding you? This is a common problem faced by many writers each day. And for some this final step can be just as grueling as trying to write the first sentence. Here are some tips to consider when composing an essay title about divorce:

  • Tip #1: Remind Yourself of What the Title Functions Are
  • Take a breath and moment to remind yourself of what the functions of a title are. From grammar school, you should recall that a great title will do four things: 1) it will predict the content of an essay; 2) it will pique the reader’s interest; 3) it will communicate the tone or slant of the essay; and 4) it will contain keywords that will make it easily scan-able in a computer search. Don’t aim to simply label a piece of writing with whatever first pops up into your head; write something meaningful that achieves all four of these things.

  • Tip #2: Don’t Forget that It’s Part of the Writing Process
  • Just like any other part of the writing process, a great title for a divorce essay won’t appear magically out of thin are for the most of us. In fact, it is simply another part of the writing process in general. You will likely need to spend some time brainstorming different ideas and revising. Our best advice is that you get something down when you compose your first draft. Then look towards revising and editing the title as your paper develops and you work on additional drafts.

  • Tip #3: Use These Writing Prompts to Generate Ideas
  • Finally, you might find these writing prompts useful in generating fresh ideas. Write a phrase or two for each one or combine two or three of these to really come up with something creative to use as your title.

  1. Consider using a title that is a question and answers the Who, What, Where, When and Why
  2. Pick out some image from within the essay – think of something really descriptive – and incorporate that into your title.
  3. Think of something that is familiar and has to something to do with your topic (e.g. movie title, book title, etc.)

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