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Creative Ideas for Writing an Essay on Any Topic

Picking an essay topic can be a wonderful process that really gets you thinking. Unfortunately, this is not always an option. Sometimes, your essay topic will be predetermined and worse yet, it may be completely different from anything you would have ever selected if given even a modicum of choice. In such cases, you may need to pull out all the creative tools in your creative arsenal to get your writing done.

Listen to music

Music can influence moods in a way that is often underestimated. By listening to music while you write you will be giving your mind two different tasks to do at once. This may seem like a distraction and sometimes it is. The reason you should try it is to give your very logical conscious mind something to play with while you let your subconscious go free. That’s where your unconventional ideas reside and no matter the topic you were given, it has something to say.

Pick an unfamiliar place

Familiar places and people appeal to your familiar ways of thinking. If you need to do something different, it can therefore help to go somewhere different. Maybe you’ll just be picking a seat with a different view in the library or you could go outdoors. Make sure that it’s somewhere safe.

Read extensively

This is more of a preventative measure than a curative one. By reading often and in wildly varying fields you give your brain raw materials in the form of ideas that can be applied to strange concepts. This can make an amazing essay.

Write with a team

Granted, you won’t always have the option to write with others but when its not explicitly prohibited, it can be a great way to get new ideas. The more minds you put to use in generating ideas, the more creative they can be.

Get used to it

If the idea of writing on unconventional topics is distasteful to you but you’ll need to do it often, get some practice. Use a random word generator to produce three words at a time and work them into an essay topic. They will definitely be unusual but creativity is like a muscle. With regular exercise it becomes stronger and before long you’ll have no problem at all writing on anything.

Essay writing can be a great way to relieve stress so above all, remember to relax a bit and enjoy yourself as you write!


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