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A Manual on How to Write a Top-Notch Critical Analysis Essay

A critical analysis essay examines a piece of writing to find out whether it makes a point or argument effectively. Usually, these essays are written about books and articles. Sometimes, writers analyze paintings, films, and other types of work. The authors should analyze the effectiveness of the work, and you can follow some simple steps in order to prepare a strong analysis.

  1. Read critically.
    • You should identify the main idea and understand whether the author argues against or for it. It is important to identify the context of the argument, and why people may feel the need to talk about it.
    • Do not forget to note the key ideas while you are studying a piece of writing; it helps to analyze the structure and understand if there are enough details to support the conclusion.
    • It is a good idea to describe the work in your own words, and then prepare a short summary of the main ideas.
    • Make sure that you understand all the material; do not hesitate to use a dictionary and ask your instructor for explanations if needed.
    • Experienced writers are advised to identify the ethos, logos, and pathos if they are used.
  2. Write effectively.
    • You should review your critical reading notes and choose interesting areas to analyze.
    • Critical analysis essays are often mixes of positive and negative aspects; it is better to start with a positive one, and then continue writing about why the idea is limited.
    • If the author did not write about different aspects of the problem, you can add some controversial points in order to analyze the work effectively.
    • You should consider your readers and explain why your essay is something that they should care about.
    • It is better to stay away from the first person, otherwise you can end up weakening your argumentation.
  3. Organize properly.
    • It is necessary to introduce the paper being analyzed; you should provide bibliographical information and some background data.
    • Your essay should state your own thesis statement; it is a vital part of your introduction.
    • You should provide a brief description of how the original text is organized; this part should be no longer than one-third of your essay‚Äôs body.
    • The main body of your essay should contain your critique; this is the most important part of the critical analysis essay.
    • Your conclusion should restate the thesis statement; it is good to mention any ideas, study approaches, or appeals that could improve the analyzed work.

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