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21 Thought Provoking Essay Questions Related To Animal Farm By George Orwell

Animal Farm is one of the most controversial books and many people think that it is indeed scandalous. Of course, teenagers are attracted by it so it will be very exciting for you to write an essay about it. If you are searching for provoking essay questions, here they are:

  1. Is the author using a fable to talk about politics and communism?
  2. Why is the name “Animal Farm”? What did the author mean by this?
  3. Why did the author avoided writing directly about the subject?
  4. Is the book a story for children?
  5. Why is the story presented in such a quiet, calm manner? Is the author trying to reproduce the ignorance that is present now into the world?
  6. How is socialism presented in the story? Do you think that this applies to the world today?
  7. Who is actually Napoleon? Is the author talking about the real person?
  8. Can the government really control us without us even realizing?
  9. What is the aim of the story?
  10. Is democracy working well in the story? Is this a realistic reproduction of what is happening nowadays?
  11. Are there some innocent and some bad animals? Is the world the same way?
  12. Do you believe that the media is dictating us how to think, act and feel?
  13. Describe the Russian revolution according to the book and explain why the author used a fable to talk about it.
  14. Why is the language so simple? For sure this is not a story for children, so the author could have used more complicated terms.
  15. Describe Snowball and talk about who is he in the real world.
  16. What is the meaning of the dogs in this story?
  17. Can different animals mean different things in the story?
  18. Did the social level of the author influence his mentality and the way he wrote the story? Was he being a rebel against the government?
  19. Is this story a manifest against power and rich people? Is this fair for the ones who worked hard to reach where they are today? Isn’t this exactly against communism, an ideology that Orwell criticized?
  20. What is his attitude regarding the poor people? How does he express their needs in the story?
  21. Talk about a specific animal from the story.

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