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How To Come Up With Persuasive Essay Topics About Junk Food

There are lots of different techniques for coming up with great persuasive essay topics about junk food. But sometimes students still have a hard time developing ideas they find unique and interesting. We’ve listed some of the best ways to come up with something great to write about and have presented some ideas one might consider for their own:

  • Consider your readers or audience
  • The first step in coming up with something to write your persuasive essay on is thinking about who you are trying to get to agree with you. Since you’re coming up with junk food topics, you should take a mental poll and think of how your readers or audience would react to what you have to say. It will be easier for you take the side in which most already feel strongly about.

  • Ask why your topic is interesting
  • This tip works great in coming up with topics for all subjects. Brainstorm some ideas and ask yourself what makes them interesting. Flesh out some of those ideas and get more specific. Spend about half an hour jotting down anything that comes to mind and you’ll be well on your way towards settling on a great essay.

  • What can you do to get others to agree?
  • You want to make this writing assignment as easy on you as possible. Don’t choose an idea in which you which you will have hard time getting others to agree with. Stay away from anything controversial, but don’t take the easy route and write a persuasive essay on what is generally accepted as true. Remember that there should be some resistance to your argumentative presentation.

  • Consider what you can provide as evidence
  • Lastly, consider all of the evidence you will have at your disposal. You will have to do some research to back up your position, but you don’t want to overwhelm yourself by choosing a topic you won’t be able to find material on. Accept the challenge but don’t overdo it.

  • Consider the following topics to help develop your own
    1. Governments should restrict some kinds of ingredients in junk foods.
    2. An age restriction should be placed on junk food bought in stores.
    3. Junk foods should be taxed more heavily to promote healthier eating.
    4. People should be allowed to sue a fast food restaurant.
    5. There should be more public programs educating people on dangers.

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