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15 Best Argumentative Essay Topics On Euthanasia In The US

In terms of a topic for an argumentative essay, euthanasia has to be one of the most controversial and emotive whichever side of the life-death fence you happen to find yourself sitting on. It is one of those rare topics where the arguments are equally valid on both sides and is particularly brilliant if you are one of those rare people that doesn’t have a particularly strong opinion either way. So that you can focus on getting stuck into your essay here are 15 of the best argumentative essay topics on euthanasia:

  • Is it inevitable that if you legalize voluntary euthanasia that it will inevitably lead to involuntary euthanasia a little further down the line?
  • Should families who help a loved one end their own life be prosecuted for manslaughter or even homicide?
  • If it is socially acceptable for animals to be put to sleep when they are terminally ill and suffering, then surely it is only right that we should extend the same courtesy to humans?
  • It is a breach of a person’s human rights to deny them the right to end their own life by euthanasia, yes or no?
  • Any person committing voluntary euthanasia is committing a sin and will be punished by God, yes or no?
  • It is okay for adults to consent to ending their own lives, but are there any circumstances when it is acceptable for a child to be allowed to die in this manner?
  • If it were legalized how could the authorities be sure that a sick or terminally ill person wasn’t being coerced into prematurely ending their life?
  • Doctors and medics who assist in this practice should face the full wrath of the law/be exempt from any criminal charges. Discuss.
  • If a patient is physically able to end their lives themselves – i.e. they are able to swallow the relevant medication if it is handed to them then that is acceptable, yes or no?
  • Euthanasia should be legalized, but only if the patient is able to pay a fee of $200k (or whichever fee the government deems to be appropriate)
  • Politicians who refuse to grant someone the right to end their life, should be forced to live with them while they continue to suffer.
  • If a patient wants to end their life in somewhere like Switzerland, where there are purpose built, humane clinics then the authorities in the US should simply turn a blind eye to the situation.
  • Who says we don’t have the right to end our own lives? God? Society? What right does society have to put someone in that situation?
  • Euthanasia should be easily available to anyone regardless of whether they are terminally ill.
  • Euthanasia is a crime and should be punishable by death to whoever assists it or approves it.

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