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20 Catchy Essay Topic Ideas For “To Kill A Mockingbird”

“To kill a mocking bird” is a very interesting topic to discuss on. And if you are going to write an essay on it, then you must have to be very much careful. Because this text is a highly sophisticated text and you have to deal with it with proper sophistication. Thats the reason you should be cautious while choosing a topic to write on this novel. It is a novel written by Harper Lee and published in 1960. It is a well recognized novel and you have to be very much careful when you are searching for writing topic on these.

Here we are presenting a collection of topics, which will make the thing easier for you. You can choose any topic from the list:

  1. The stylistic approach of the novel.
  2. The historical influence on the novel.
  3. Is the psychology of the writer reflected properly in the novel named” To Kill a Mockingbird”?
  4. A comparison between the traditional novels and this one.
  5. What can be the ethical purpose or motives behind writing this novel?
  6. What are the common features and the distinguishing features of the novel we are talking about with its contemporary novels?
  7. What are the satirical elements of the novel?
  8. How human emotions are treated in the novel named” To Kill a Mockingbird”?
  9. What are the structural and thematic conflicts noticeable in the novel?
  10. How to treat the novel” To Kill a Mockingbird”? An art for art sake novel or a novel having an agenda.
  11. What are the literary and structural faults in the novel?
  12. How contemporary society is portrayed in the novel?
  13. What the praises of the novel say?
  14. What the people have objections on the novel?
  15. What specific effects of the novel can be found on the contemporary society?
  16. How to judge the novel in an effective way?
  17. What stylistic improvements can be shown in the novel?
  18. Is there any romantic element in the novel or not?
  19. Is the conclusion of the novel satisfactory?
  20. What are the points of further study for the novel?

These are some of the topics related to this novel on which you can write elaborately, and these essays can create an interest in the readers, and they would love to read the entire essay.


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