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10 Brand New Topics to Write a Narrative Essay On

Writing a narrative essay should be a pleasure, because you get much freedom to express yourself in a way that is not hindered by the strict rules of formal academic writing. You just need to find an interesting topic that will help you impress your audience.

Here are a few original suggestions:

  1. A memorable funeral.

    This topic does sound morbid, but you can work with it very well if there was such an event in your life. A death of a close friend or relative changes a person in many ways. Try to explain how such an event affected your life philosophy.

  2. The most disastrous date.

    This topic should be fun, and you can interest people by adding a bit of humor into the paper. You can also give the essay an edge by including several personal details. Make your readers sympathize with you to get them more impressed with your work.

  3. How I became disillusioned.

    This paper should be serious and touch on some philosophy. Bear in mind that apart from describing the experience itself, you will also need to prove to your readers that you’ve indeed become disillusioned.

  4. The loss of a close friendship.

    In this essay, you will need to explain what exactly you consider to be true friendship. Tell the readers about the one you had, and describe how exactly it evolved. Identify the reasons that led to the break up, and hypothesize whether this relationship can be rebuilt.

  5. How I learned that appearances cannot be trusted.

    If you’ve lived through such a situation, you can take advantage from the experience. This essay should be a warning and a lesson to others.

  6. The moment of true greatness.

    This can be almost any kind of strong emotional experience. You just need to persuade the readers that this particular situation is indeed an example of true greatness.

  7. Two outlooks of the same experience.

    Describe some notable situation from two different points of view. Be sure to interview the person whose opinion you want to represent.

  8. The first day of my changed life.

    Many people write about experiences that made them change their lives. Be original and tell the readers how the actual change went after you made the decision.

  9. If I had the power to heal by touch.

    Be sure to consider different factors that will influence the situation, for example, like you being confined to some facility and getting tested on.

  10. A person who will never be my hero.

    Describe a person who you definitely don’t want to be like and explain why.


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