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What are the Common Topics for Process Essays

Thankfully process essays can be made easier with a few simple steps. Write on something you know and ensure you are going through every step carefully. Here are some common topics for process essays that will help guide you towards the right topic for your essay to succeed.

  • How to Make (favorite meal)

    This a great topic because your essay will have some kind of passion and natural excitement since you have a genuine like for the dish. Another reason to choose a favorite dish, rather than just any meal, is that you know what makes it delicious and will make it bad. You can add those personal tips to the essay, offering authenticity to the paper.

  • How to pay for college

    This is a hot topic with rising tuition costs and employment rates being so fluctuated or inflated in certain fields but not in others. Young and old people are reading up on this topic for either themselves or for people they are trying to help, like loved ones or friends. Any and all tips are welcomed when it comes to paying for college. So your process essay can go any direction and will serve many audiences.

  • How to avoid debt

    Many people in today’s economy are falling deeper and deeper in to debt, sometimes because they do not have any other options. It causes a lot of stress and turmoil on the average person. The topic would be helpful to many people and many audiences would be grateful for the essay and the tips or points it could offer.

  • How to be a pet owner

    So many of us have pets and just treat them like furry accessories rather than animal beings who have needs just like we do. It is easy to forget how to properly take care of them and how to understand what they are trying to say or show. A process essay on being a responsible and understanding pet owner will not only benefit the person reading your essay, but the person’s animal companion!

  • How to save for a home

    Most people would eventually like to own their own house to call their home, but getting to that point can be hard for many. Buying a home is no easy feat and a process essay on how to get started saving for the prefect home would be beneficial to lots of people.


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