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How To Write A Proper Essay: Working On Your Proofreading And Editing Skills

Essay writing is the least favorite tasks of those students who hate to write. Yes, certainly, you are not alone. The world is loaded with plenty of brilliant minds that have great ideas but they cannot compose them in form of words or do not have necessary skills to arrange their ideas in a logical order on paper. These students struggle with essay writing assignments because more than the idea, an essay assignment needs excellent sentence structure, enhanced readability, engaging tone, interactive style, use of transitional hooks, smooth switches from one paragraph to the other and a very formal and delicate approach of the writer. It might be easy for a professional essay writer to sum it all up in an essay without having much trouble. This is because they write essays on a regular basis. Writing might be their passion and they would have been practicing writing since their young age.

However, what about you and million others like you, who do not have excellent command on essay writing. How is it your fault if someone else is a better writer than you are? Well, you do not need to worry. There is always a solution to a problem no matter what kind or how complex

If you are not great in composing essays then you need to develop a strategy for your writing. The first thing you need to learn about essays is that they all follow the same format. You need to start an essay with an excellent opening paragraph that talks about a fact, an interesting short example, a stat or a numerical figure to highlight the importance of your topic. This is a good way to build curiosity and engage your readers for more.

Then you need the body paragraphs to develop your major arguments supported by strong evidence

And lastly, the conclusion paragraph summarizing your entire essay

However, this does not end here. A very important and critical phase for your essay writing process is the editing and proof reading. You cannot create winning essays unless you revise and edit them. This includes checking your paper for grammatical errors, typos, spelling errors, titles, quotations, numerical figures, plagiarism etc. editing would mean you need to check the overall direction and theme of your essay if this is conveying the exact message you wanted to deliver to your audience


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