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Essay Topics for Frankenstein: 5 Extraordinary Ideas

Everyone today knows the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his Creature to some extent. This book has been widely discussed over the years, and hundreds of papers have been written based on it. This is why it may seem that finding an original topic for an essay based on this novel is impossible. However, such was the author’s talent that there are still many issues that remain unexplored.

If you want your essay on Frankenstein really stand out, use the following ideas for inspiration when deciding on a topic:

  1. How do shifts in narrative perspective enhance the overall effect of the novel?

    Narrative perspective in the book shifts from one character to another, allowing the readers to “see” the world through their eyes and understand them better. You will need to analyze the literary tools used to enhance this effect of presence, and determine how much point of view shifts influence the overall effect.

  2. Use of letters in the novel.

    A part of the book is written through letters, which was a rather popular literary trick at the time. You need to explain why Shelly used it and how she managed to achieve the effect that she did through something seemingly simple. Describe how the plot of the story is advanced through letters.

  3. The role and impact of female characters in the novel.

    In this essay, you will need to draw some parallels between the role of a woman in society during the times of Shelly and her heroines. Explain the challenges that women faced during that age, and analyze the effect this particular book had on the acknowledgment of their rights.

    When assessing the female characters of the novel, try to look at them from the point of view of a person living during that time, and compare this assessment with the one made from the perspective of a contemporary observer.

  4. Is Victor’s recurring illness induced by stress?

    Victor falls sick several times over the course of the novel. This happens every time after some serious trial in his life. How does his ailments affect him and his goals? Why is he sick?

  5. The monster in movies versus the monster in the novel.

    Analyze several movie adaptations of the novel and the directors’ approaches to the monster. Has anyone managed to accurately transfer this character onto the screen? Why is the monster presented as a mute and deranged creature? What methods did the author use to make readers sympathize with the monster?


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