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How to Create an Essay Body Paragraph: the Generally Accepted Structure

The body of your text is where you present the core arguments. It is where you provide the reader with all supporting evidence such that by the end of your paper, they have agreed with your side and are ready to take action.

  • In the body of your paper, you must explain the topic that you have selected. For every main idea that you have in your outline, you must have one body paragraph. So, if you have three main ideas, the body of your essay will have three main paragraphs. Every one of your body paragraphs will follow the same structure. You start by writing down the main idea in the form of a complete sentence. After that, you write down your supporting points. Beneath that you can elaborate on those supporting points if necessary. If you want, you can also include a summary sentence for every paragraph. Once your body paragraphs are each fleshed out then you can move on to the next step.
  • The order of your paragraphs is important. You should present your arguments from strongest argument to weakest argument. If you decide to use a different order, that is perfectly fine. But you must make sure that the order of your arguments still makes sense. If you're describing a process, then the order of your body paragraphs will be the order in which the steps have to be completed. Make sure that all of your paragraphs make logical sense.
  • After you write your first draft, distance yourself from the paper for at least one day. Then you can return to it with a fresh set of eyes. This trick will help you to catch errors that you may have otherwise missed. Small errors can mean the difference between a great final grade and a bad final grade. Remember that when you are checking all of your body paragraphs they should each contain a topic sentence which tells the reader what idea will be contained or discussed in that paragraph.
  • At the end of the paragraph you must have a transitional statement. This helps to transition you into the next paragraph. By doing this for every paragraph, your reader will naturally move from one idea to the next. Good organization just like this will ensure that your reader picks your side when all is said and done.

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