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Crafting A Decent Expository Essay On Lebron James

LeBron Raymone James, popularly known as LeBron James, is a basketball pro currently playing for NBA side Cleveland Cavaliers. If you are a student of sports journalism, it’s highly likely that your examiners would want you to draft an expository essay on LeBron James. LeBron James is one of those hyped NBA superstars whose career and life outside the court have caught much of media attention. Therefore, you can easily find scores of analytical essays on LeBron James online. However, drafting an expository essay on LeBron James can be quite challenging. Here’s how to deal with it.

Know ‘Bronny’ before you write an essay on him

Much of LeBron James’ sporting career is well-documented on Wikipedia and elsewhere. Before analysing his career graph and other aspects of his life, you need to know the sportsperson and for that, going beyond Wiki is required. Be a scavenger and visit public and school libraries, watch YouTube videos and read analytical essays on LeBron James before writing on him. Did you know that Bronny is a nickname of the basketball pro?

Play with stats

Whether this James is an asset for the NBA side he represents, Cleveland Cavaliers can only be analyzed by knowing the hard numbers. Look at the numbers to understand and analyze how effective the 30-year old power forward has been throughout this season and the past. Compare the stats and performance of Cleveland Cavaliers with James in the team and outside of it. This way, you can easily analyze his contribution to the team. LeBron has also spent four years of his career playing for Miami Heat. Do a comparative analysis of his performance in Miami Heat and in Cleveland Cavaliers. In short, if you are focusing on the playing career of this basketball pro, you will get umpteen topics to choose from.

Life outside basketball

The Cleveland Cavaliers star has also been in the news for all the non-basketball reasons. He has accumulated much fame and wealth during his career and is at present one of the most influential sportspersons in America. If you know the person outside the basketball court, you will get even more options to write on him. However, if you are a student of journalism, you better write on the other aspects of James’ life. On the flip side, if you are studying sports journalism, focusing on the man inside the court would fit the bill. Get professional assistance if you feel you cannot really draft a good expository essay on the basketball pro.


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