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How To Find A Proofread Example Of A Compare And Contrast Essay Outline

It is not always easy to find a proofread example of a document, including a compare and contrast essay. This is especially the case if you don’t know where or how to look for such examples. If you find yourself in this type of dilemma, listed below are some of the places and tips that will help you as you look for good examples. They are:

  • Academic websites: In this age of the internet, going online has turned out to offer quick fixes to a lot of issues, including looking for examples of certain documents or papers. This is where the use of academic websites comes in. If you are not sure of the contemporary academic standards of any website you want to use, you can ask other students, it is possible that they too are looking for examples online too. If they have not had any issues with grades on their previous assignment examples gotten from certain websites, then such sites could work for you.
  • Make use of academic books: This is another good option in getting a good example of a compare and contrast essay. One of the reasons that make it the most reliable example is that while an article could have lots of typing and grammar errors, it is less likely for such to be found in examples listed in a book. The only setback on this option is that if you have to buy such book, it will be expensive. It would only work to your benefit if you already have friends you can borrow from.
  • Borrow essays from older students: This is an option that has worked for a lot of students. Even though it is not on the same topic, you can utilize the arrangement of such essay to write yours, especially if the work is of high quality. If you are lucky to find one on the same topic as yours, ensure that you rewrite yours extensively so that you don’t end up plagiarizing the work of another student. It has penalties you know.

Other options to find good and proofread examples of compare and contrast essays include the following:

  • Freelance writing platforms
  • Old websites
  • Blog platforms
  • Social media

You can also find inspiration for your compare and contrast essay from other essays you have written in the past. If you did not achieve good marks from them, there is every indication that your teacher must have pointed out those ‘weak’ areas that you need to work on. This includes grammar, spelling and arrangement errors.


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