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Composing An Essay About Why Friends Are Better Than Relatives

An essay about why friends are better than relatives can be a fun assignment, if it is handled correctly. If you can get an idea of how to compose this essay, the rest is a breeze. Here are some ideas to help you accomplish this task effectively.

  1. Come up with three reasons why
  2. Think about three reasons why friends are better than relatives and then jot them on the top of a piece of paper on the same line. Draw a line in between the reasons. This should create three columns, each with a reason at the top.

  3. Now add some facts
  4. You made general reasons why friends are better. The next step is to jot down at least two specific details to prove the reasons for each of the three reasons. Leave a few lines between them when you write them.

  5. Now explain each of the reasons
  6. Give an explanation as to how your specific details prove that point. You will write them in the space that you just left open.

  7. Make an outline
  8. Your introduction will explain the background information. Each body paragraph will be one of your columns. The specific facts with their reasons will go next. Your outline is pretty much done already. You will start and the left column and go down to the bottom before you go to the top of the middle column and down to the bottom. Next you will go to the top of the third column and go down to the bottom. Add some transitional phrases and your outline is complete.

  9. Fill in the rest
  10. Now all you have to do is fill in the rest and your paper is written. You will need to create some understanding and write sentences to fill in the various sections.

  11. Editing
  12. Lastly, you will edit your piece to fix any errors. This is easier to do if you read the paper out loud. You can also swap papers with a classmate and correct each other’s papers. It is the best way to know whether or not it makes sense. You may not be able to catch all of your errors by yourself, but a friend might. If you swap, you are helping them, while they are helping you.

And there you have it. Now go compose your essay.


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