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Inspiring Topics For A Definition Essay: 18 Great Suggestions

A definition essay appears like the simplest task you will be required to undertake. On the surface, it appears like making a simple definition of a term or subject. But is that all you need to get a good grade and master the art of writing?

The reality is that definition writing seeks to help the reader to understand the basics of a concept, subject or idea. You will be required to provide examples so that the reader can understand. When making a choice for the topic, you will be required to leave sufficient room for interpretation of the concept. As such, your topic cannot be made of a single word like shoe or potato. In fact, abstract terms and phrases are the best for this genre. They provide room for multiple interpretations and exploration which provides materials for your essay.

When choosing a term, ensure that you are familiar with it, yet it is not obvious. Words that are obvious and which will only rely on the definition of a dictionary will prove difficult to work with. You will need a bit of room and multiple interpretations. This is only possible if the word or concept is familiar. Familiarity gives you the ideas to explore in your paper.

Here are some of the topics to consider when writing a definition essay.

  1. The perfect holiday experience
  2. What success actually means
  3. The definition of freedom of worship
  4. Defining the concept and need for affirmative action
  5. What qualifies as cheating in a relationship?
  6. What is the actual meaning of a family?
  7. How do you define marriage in the wake of changing social dynamics?
  8. What is it that people refer to as home?
  9. Who is defined as a good husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, etc
  10. Is respect relative?
  11. What is real fashion in light of increasing personal tastes?
  12. How far should privacy go for public servants?
  13. Is there a universal definition of beauty?
  14. Who is a true hero?
  15. What does poverty mean?
  16. Where does the definition of courage end?
  17. What does it mean to be mature?
  18. What is talent and what is hard work?

After identifying your topic for a definition essay, you are required to tell the reader of the subject or word being defined. This if followed by clear and basic information on the subject. The paper concludes with facts, examples and/or anecdotes that will make it easier for the reader to understand.


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