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12 Intriguing Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For 4th Grade

What Is Compare And Contrast Essay?

Whether you are preparing for SAT or studying in 4th grade- writing an essay is a part of any academic curriculum. In a compare and contrast essay- one needs to write about the differences as well as the similarities between two subjects. For a 4th grade student, this task of writing such an essay can be equally daunting as well as exciting.

The Preparations One Must Take For Such Essay:

It’s better for a student to create an outline of the writing inside her/his head. Also after getting the number-limit, a student can make a rough sketch on how to break the paragraphs, which points to include and most importantly- how to start off the essay with a killer introductory paragraph.

Below is a Compare-And-Contrast Essay Topic List for 4th Graders
  1. Some children like to play in outdoor. Others prefer indoor games. Show us two ways that they are similar and two ways that they are different.
  2. Literature is your favorite subject while you dislike Mathematics. Describe on which points they are alike and where they differ.
  3. You love reading before bed-time while your best friend loves to watch movies. What are the two common grounds between these two? Where are they unlike of each other?
  4. You love visiting your relatives during vacations. But some occasions you just want to play with friends. Describe briefly how they are like each other and how they differ.
  5. Astronaut Vs Chef: What do you think they have in common? On which points, they are poles apart?
  6. You love dried fruits as topping on your cake. But fresh fruits also taste good. Show two similarities and two differences between them.
  7. You are hooked to Italian league of football while your little brother prefers Spanish league. Use your imagination and tell- how they are alike and where they are dissimilar.
  8. You love to going away for vacation during summer while stay home in winter. Why they are uncommon? How they can be related with each other?
  9. Comic Books Vs Children Magazines: how they are alike and where they vary?
  10. Saltwater Fish Vs Freshwater Fish: Are they same? On what occasions they are opposite to each other?
  11. Your grandma bakes her cake in oven but your mother prefers microwave. How do you compare these two? Why do you think they are different?
  12. Cycling is your favorite time-pass. But your best friend simply loves roller-skating. Show two points that they are like each other and another two- where they differ.

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