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Composing An Introduction For An Analysis Essay – 5 Good Tips

Composing an analysis essay is a challenging task on its own, but writing a great introduction can set the right mood for what is a great paper. So you can consider the beginning of your analysis essay as one of the most important parts of the entire paper. Here are five good tips for composing a great introduction:

  • Tip #1: Starting off with an Outstanding Hook
  • We all know what a great hook can do to get us in the right mood for something (we’ve heard it songs, openings to novels, start of a business pitch, etc.), but a lot of us struggle to come up with something good when writing an assignment of our own. Try out several strategies, including starting with a question or a direct quote related to topic of your assignment to move capture the reader’s attention.

  • Tip #2: Provide Relevant Background Information
  • You should provide some relevant background information so that the reader understands what you will be discussing in the rest of the paper. If you are asked to analyze a poem then you might start simply with the author’s name, the name of the poem, and any information pertaining to the poem’s composition. Be brief and direct so that you don’t get too far of track.

  • Tip #3: Don’t Summarize the Assignment Prompt
  • One of the biggest mistakes you find in essays of this type from inexperienced students is overwhelming need to summarize and in some cases copy the assignment prompt word for word. This filler text is unnecessary and can set the tone for an unenjoyable read. Instead, simply state what your argument will be without bringing the reader back to the obvious (i.e., the assignment prompt).

  • Tip #4: Never Write in the First or Second Person
  • This kind of academic writing should never be written in the first or second-person point of view. Your analysis must be so well done that the argument you make about the content should be the focus of the work. It’s already assumed that this is your opinion “My interpretation of this...” or “In my opinion…” – don’t waste sentences with statements that point to uncertainty and self-doubt.

  • Tip #5: Come Up with a Great Thesis Statement
  • The thesis statement should summarize the claim you are making in your analysis essay. It should be written in a clear and direct manner, without any confusing constructions or unnecessary words. Get right to the point sot the reader knows exactly what you will be discussing.


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