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Who Else Wants More Argumentative Essay Topics About Love?

Love is a special feeling. It’s often called an eternal emotion that has existed for as long as humanity remembers itself. There are movies, books, games about love and multiple pieces of research. One may think that there are no topics that can be studied because people seem to know everything about this feeling. Nevertheless, there are still more interesting topics about love and relations.

Argumentative essay is a very interesting type of an assignment, as you have to gather a lot of materials to support your point of view. It is more interesting to write an argumentative text about love. You can select various aspects of love and write a research paper on the selected topic. When you begin to work on the topic the following points should be taken into consideration.

  • Choose the aspect of love that will be described in the work.
  • Prepare the list of reliable and interesting arguments that can interest the readers.
  • Choose the side and stick to it as you write the paper.
  • All the data in the text should be checked before it will be presented.
  • Write an interesting and emotional text that will surprise the readers.

Here is the list of decent argumentative essay topics about love that will grant you inspiration for your own work.

  1. The most extraordinary examples of romantic love in the world literature.
  2. The first teenage love: a real emotion or a game of the hormones?
  3. Is the sexual intercourse a mandatory element of love?
  4. Is love and passion the same thing or an entirely different one?
  5. The term agape as the manifestation of the divine love.
  6. The basic types of love that are stated by modern philosophers.
  7. The weirdest love rituals in the world.
  8. Can marriage destroy the love?
  9. The ethic love and its influence on human behavior.
  10. The creation of the greatest paintings about love.
  11. Is love an important element of any religious teaching?
  12. Gender attitude peculiarities toward love.
  13. Love as an important healing factor that improves the health of an ill person.
  14. Can people live without love?
  15. Is selfishness a type of a deformed love?
  16. Is the feeling of love a symbiosis between the mates or something bigger?
  17. The most common symbols that represent love in the nationalities all over the world.
  18. Can love lead to obsession and what are the results of such love?
  19. The peculiarities of love body language.
  20. The chemicals that are responsible for the feeling of love.

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