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How to Write a Process Analysis Essay in No Time

A process analysis essay is one of the simpler types of essays. You are supposed to write a process in a systematic manner. Simple, is it not? You are going to explain how something is done. For example, how plants grow. To write a process analysis essay quickly and easily, pay attention to the following steps:

  1. Topic: Select a process that you know well enough to explain in simple, easy, and correct steps. Your essay should be of use to your readers, so keep relevance and usefulness in mind while choosing a topic.
  2. Create an outline: This goes for all essay types. Some students think that a process analysis essay does not require n outline due to the nature of the process. Wrong. A process analysis essay requires a more detailed outline than any other kind of essay. List the steps, recheck, and review for missing steps. Also make a list of the tools or ingredients required for the process if you are going to write a “how to” essay.
  3. Write the definitions of any technical terms or jargon you are going to use, right in the beginning.
  4. TIP: Write all the steps of a process on separate pieces of paper and then place them in the correct order. Saves scratching out and rewriting time
  5. Now analyze each step as you go. Explain why the step is performed or takes place. Describe the significance of that particular step in the process. Do not introduce new terms or tools in the body of the essay.
  6. On a separate paper, write all the cautionary points and warnings you can think of related to your process. Link these with the appropriate steps in the essay.
  7. Now write the introduction of the process analysis you are writing. Start with a hook and go on to explain what you are going to describe and why. Give an overview of the process and the results without going into details.
  8. Write the conclusion. This should reiterate the introduction and call for the reader to try out the process (If the essay is a “how to” guide).
  9. Edit and proofread: Editing is very important. Check the steps and write any missing ones. See if the steps of the process are in proper chronological order. Your reader should not have to reread a previous step to go further. See if all ingredients, tools, and warnings are in place. Proofread your essay for grammatical or punctuation errors. Misspellings are a deadly destroyer, so be careful.

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