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Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

The ability to describe something vividly in maximum detail is absolutely necessary for effective communication. This skill is developed by writing descriptive essays, which unlike other types of essays that concentrate on the deep research of certain issues, focuses on descriptions of physical properties and the feelings and emotions they stir up. Though some people say that there is nothing simpler than writing about an event, object, or place; it is, in fact, an art to draw illustrations with one’s words.

The topics for such essays seem simplified and primitive at first, but once examined thoroughly, they provide an unlimited range of ideas. Here is a set of descriptive essay ideas based on describing an event or a certain place:

Memorable events:

  1. The day I got lost in an unknown city.
  2. The day I lost a family member.
  3. A beautiful winter morning.
  4. A walk I enjoyed immensely.
  5. The most important event of my childhood.
  6. My first trip abroad.
  7. Weather that makes me feel depressed.
  8. The day I understood that everyone is mortal.
  9. An action I am ashamed of.
  10. An action I am proud of.

While describing an event, try to recollect the whole range of emotions you experienced that very moment. Concentrate on the details that imprinted into your mind, and try to pass on the images you have to the reader. It is a well-known fact that emotions can be provoked by smells, sounds, and pictures; so try to close your eyes and remember every sense you experienced the day you wish to describe.

Places and objects that were most impressive:

  1. The place I like to celebrate my birthday at.
  2. The view from my window.
  3. The movie that changed my attitude to animals.
  4. My lucky charm.
  5. The most fantastic Halloween costume I have ever seen.
  6. The place I would like to live in.
  7. The places I like to dream about when I am bored.
  8. My secret addiction.
  9. The person I always meet on my way to work.
  10. The worst child I have ever dealt with.
  11. The first dish I cooked myself.
  12. Everything I can smell while walking through a forest in autumn.

When writing about places and objects, try to imagine that you have to assemble a puzzle out of small details. Make the details as vivid as possible by resorting to a wide range of descriptive adjectives and a variety of descriptive constructions. Then, unite them into a single entity by linking the elements with transitions.


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