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How to Come Up with Strong Cause and Effect Essay Topics: 5 Great Ideas

Cause essays are intended to analyze why something exists or why something happened. Effect essays are intended to examine what happened as a result of something or an event or a situation. In order to write a good cause and effect essay, you have to determine a scenario and then explain what took place and why it took place.

  1. When choosing a topic, try and select a major historical event, or a major life event. These will often provide the most amount of information.
  2. When choosing a topic, elaborate on the errors, the carelessness, the behaviors, or the cultural attitudes that led to something happening. After that, write about the effects of the place or the event. Discuss how something happened, what caused something, or how it might have been handled in a more efficient manner to avoid the event.
  3. When you have a large topic, you need to narrow it down. If your topic is not manageable in size, try and narrow it down by asking yourself what the most important cause was. Then break that down into multiple effects. Try and categorize it by morale effects, economic effects, employment effects, practical effects, social effects, etc… Try and review these different categories from which you should pick the most interesting. The most interesting category you find will be the one you want to cover in your paper. Ask yourself if you can narrow down your topic even further such as how a very bad historical event may have had practical effects, which caused new skills to be developed by those who were affected in order for them to adapt to their new, historically bad situation.
  4. When choosing a topic for your cause and effect paper, it is in your best interest to ensure that the topic you select is something that interests you. You can still start big and focus on a large historical event or a personal event that shaped your life today. But overall, the more interested you are in the topic, the easier it will be for you to write it and to be involved in the research that is required.
  5. When choosing your topic, make sure you run it by your teacher. You may think that the idea is great, but your teacher will need to review the topic to ensure that it is appropriate for the assignment and that it can be easily managed.

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