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Where To Look For The Best 6th Grade Essay Examples

If you have a 6th grader at home who is trying to write an essay, one of the best ways you can offer motivation as a parent, friend, guardian, teacher, or tutor, is to provide them with a sample essay. Giving students an example will enable them to see exactly what is required of them and to meet those requirements.

As a teacher:

  • As a teacher you can look through the teaching books and guides that you are using for your curriculum to see if they include samples appropriate for your students and your grade level.
  • You can also ask around to see if other sixth grade teachers have examples that they might be willing to share.
  • Visit your district’s website and see if they have any resources that you can utilize in your classroom.
  • Find a teaching store where teachers can obtain great curriculum guides and fun items to use in the classroom. They might be able to offer essay samples inside some of the curriculum guides or the workbooks.
  • Look online. The internet is a treasure trove of options and resources. You might find that after just a few minutes of research you can find the example best suited for your classroom. Download or print it and then photocopy enough for your students.

As a parent or tutor:

  • As a parent or tutor wanting to give your 6th grader a little extra assistance, there are many resources available.
  • Look through course guidebooks for 6th grade. There are many writing guidebooks that can be found based on the appropriate grade level, which offer examples of essays that students in 6th grade commonly have to write. You can use this to motivate your student or child and to show them what is expected of them.
  • You can look at educational websites or word processing websites to see if they can offer downloadable or print examples of the essay your child is trying to write. Seeing just the different parts of the paper and the things they need to include can help many students to come up with a clever topic and write their first draft in no time.
  • You can also talk to their teacher and see if their teacher can give you the information that you need, or provide you with a sample you can take home to help your child after school.

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