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Who Can Do My Essay Properly? Top 5 Ideas

If you are pressed for time or feel like you can’t get an assignment done on your own, one option is to look online for help. When looking for any service, it is important to look for a few key things.

  • Price
  • Think about how much you are willing to spend on this endeavor. Some services are free of charge, and some services using professional writers can cost an arm and a leg. It’s important to note that price is often a reflection of the quality of writing. A higher price tag can also ensure that your essay will not use plagiarized material.

  • Quality
  • Consider what level of quality you need. If it is a very important assignment, make sure to check reviews online to see if the service will be good enough. However if this is a smaller portion of your class grade, consider using a lower quality service in order to save money.

  • Speed
  • Depending on the amount of time you have until the assignment is due, different services could be of use. Always check beforehand and read any fineprint to make sure you will get your assignment turned in on time.

  1. Use an online writing service
  2. Online writing services can sometimes be very costly, but not all are. Services that are 100% online are usually more affordable. Look for a site that has great reviews and customer service. Check for the following when browsing these services online:

    • Are prices clearly posted?
    • A price calculator should be on the front page to help you get a preliminary quote
    • Steer clear of any site that does not clearly post prices
    • Deadlines
    • How quickly can this service write your paper?
    • Some sites can produce your assignment in a few hours, but some will charge too much for speedy turnaround, so be careful.
  3. Use EssayTyper
  4. This is one of the more interesting ideas for getting an essay done online. It is a simple website that will write on any topic and make it appear that you have typed it yourself.

    • Will write an essay based on a general topic
    • Generates a title for you
    • Speed - can finish a whole paper in minutes
    • Completely free of charge
  5. Do a Google Search
  6. Use google to search for your topic and for pre-made writing templates.

    • Searching for a pre-made outline can help you write an original essay without having to think much about it
    • Proper formatting such as APA can be searched for easily.
    • Sites such as EasyBib can generate bibliographies in an instant
    • Price - going this route is completely free!
  7. Ask Around
  8. Sometimes those around you are in need of some easy cash. Ask someone you know who might know more about the topic to help you out. Offer compensation if they will write the essay on your behalf.

  9. Freelance Writing Sites
  10. Go online and see if you can hire a professional writer directly to complete your essay. This way you will have more control over who writes your essay and how much you are willing to pay.


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