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General Instructions On How To Write A Speech Essay

If you should give an important speech, consider writing a speech essay first. It is a helpful preparatory step that will make the task of delivering your speech easier. Having organized your thoughts and ideas in a written format, you’ll be better prepared for your oral performance. The following ideas will help you create a proper speech paper on any topic.

Pre-Writing Stage

  • Decide on the type of your speech.
  • The content of your essay will depend on the type of the speech you want to deliver. In a persuasive speech, you should convince the reader to agree with you or to take some action while an informative speech is aimed at giving information about something. A how-to-do speech should explain the steps of a process. A narrative speech is focused on narration and an analytical speech should analyze something correspondingly.

  • Define the goal of your speech.
  • While a general goal is determined by the type of your speech (to persuade, inform, analyze, etc.), you should understand your specific goal. As long as you can formulate it, your speech will have a focus. Your specific goal will serve as a thesis statement of your paper.

  • Do research.
  • The audience will respond eagerly if you refer to your personal experience when giving a speech. However, additional research is a must since relevant facts, statistics, and quotes will give your words more credibility.

Writing Stage

  • Create the introduction.
  • The introduction of your speech essay should grab the reader’s attention, demonstrate your credibility in the subject, set the tone, and state your thesis. To make your introduction catchy, start it with a rhetoric question, a story from your own life, a reference to the reader’s experience, an anecdote, or a thoughtful quotation.

  • Write the body.
  • This is where you’ll present the main points of your future speech. Determine the order of your points. If it is a narrative or a process speech, your points will go chronologically. However, you may be required to sort your points by significance (from the least important to the most important ones) if it is a persuasive speech.

  • Conclude effectively.
  • Your speech will be a success if you not only restate your points but also provoke your audience and give them some food for thought. Therefore, try to conclude your speech essay on a strong note. Ask a thought-provoking question, provide a dramatic quotation, or share a striking observation. To make your final words even more memorable, combine several methods. Your speech should touch your audience, so don’t be afraid to overdo.


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