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How To Compose A Strong Persuasive Essay On Dogs VS Cats

Dogs and cats are always sworn enemies – well, at least that is one thing that we grow up learning to live with. There are a lot of research that have been done into this field in the past and most of them tend to come to the same conclusion. However we have also seen in the past some houses where cats and dogs coexist peacefully with one another. Some even become playmates and together they bring forth a good sense of belonging in the house. So is it really true that these two animals can be sworn enemies?

When you have been asked to present such a paper, rest assured that the reader is looking for nothing short of your sentiments in the task at hand. There is a lot that you can write about, and so much more that you will need to think about when you are presenting this argument. You must be willing to put in a strong argument in favor of your desired animal.

However, a good statement from your work will be one that is not biased. This is a statement that describes both sides of the argument and makes sure that you leave nothing to chance. You have to stand out for the dogs and also stand out for the cats. You must present a solid argument from both sides and then when you are through, you allow the reader to make their own choice.

It might sound a bit confusing when we say that you will have to allow the reader to make their own choice, but this is actually the main agenda in persuasive writing. The concept here is to ensure that you put through some really strong discussion points. The points that you are writing about are supposed to be so good, so convincing that the reader will make their own choice based on your arguments.

However, what you must never do is happen or appear to push the reader into making a choice based on your own personal sentiments. It does not matter whether you love dogs over cats or cats over dogs, those are your personal sentiments and choices. When you are writing this paper you need to steer clear from making biased judgments. This is the simple and most important thing you must never forget when writing a persuasive essay.


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