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Bright Ideas: 10 Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College

In a Cause and Effect Essay, the writer is looking to show how one thing is the cause to something else. Just like in physics, where it is said, every cause has an equal and opposite reaction, it is also true in life, that every cause has an equal and opposite effect. So in that, the purpose of this type of essay is to show how one equals the other. Here we will show a few (10) topic ideas that a student can use, to either write about, or develop their own ideas.

  1. Technology
  2. Social
  3. History
  4. Science
  5. Health


In the world of technology, every advance and failure, opens a door somewhere to another advance somewhere else. Developing the connection from one to the other can lead to some amazing cause and effect essays.

  • 10,000 Light Bulbs, and Thomas Edison
  • Many Prototypes to make one Vacuum Cleaner; James Dyson


Many social factors can lead to some interesting Cause and Effect essays. This is because they have major impacts on the society. Looking at the issue with an open mind can show just how much they can have.

  • Excessive Religion in Government
  • Exploitation of Children


History is filled with Cause and Effect situations. Every country has benefitted and suffered from them. These can make for excellent essays showing how one effect advanced or restricted, or even cost a country. To break this down, one needs to show how it started, and where and when the issues developed, then carry that to the full effect.

  • Industrial Revolution
  • The Mystical Art of Alchemy; The Father of Science


Science is made of discovery, and failure. Each discovery, and every failure has led to a new understanding, and then a new advancement. Showing this, and the chain the process took, will make a strong and bright essay.

  • The Development of the Microscope
  • Phrenology, Failed Crimanology


In Healthcare, there are many issues that relate to the aspects of Cause and Effect, that would work well with this type of essay. As always, some good, and some not. Examining these factors can readily be used to show how each case has caused a good or bad effect, and to what degree.

  • Thames River and Public Sewage
  • Herbology; Precursor to Pharmacology

Students are welcome to use these ideas, or use them to develop ideas of their own.


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