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A Simple Way To Tell A Great Writing Agency From A Scam

How to spot a really trustworthy writing and editing agency? If you are struggling to find an appropriate topic for your thesis or dissertation or you are really time poor to pen down a good essay, finding a good editing, writing and proofreading agency is a wise choice. However, the market is replete with both good and bad agencies and you need to go with the good ones only. Here’s how to tell apart a good writing agency from a bad one.

  • Good agencies ensure payment security
  • There are virtually unknown agencies that ask for credit card information and in many ways, try to steal the financial information of their buyers. Stave off these agencies and always go with agencies that can ensure your payment security. Agencies that accept PayPal as a payment mode are always more trustworthy than the rest.

  • Shady agencies can’t provide you with samples
  • There are fly-by-night types of businesses that try to scam helpless students by asking for advance payment and then disappearing altogether. One easy way to spot these agencies is to ask for samples from them. If you have approached a relatively less known and less credible agency, chances are here that they won’t be able to provide you with relevant samples. Otherwise, if it’s a considerably great agency, you may just get a whole lot of samples from them before you finally buy essay online.

  • Good agencies are knowledgeable about different academic writing style
  • As a university student, you might be aware of MLA, APA, Harvard and other writing styles, but not all agencies and writers are aware of these. This is one reason why many students fail to score good in exams despite hiring professional writers. You can simply test the knowledge of a writer or a representative of a writing company by asking very specific questions regarding a writing style your university wants you to follow.

  • Finding the shadow scholars
  • There are many scholars from less developed countries and finding them online is not a big deal. These writers are qualified scholars themselves and they know all the norms of academic writing. Fortunately, a good many of these shadow scholars are on the payroll of the leading academic writing and editing service providers in the west. If you can find a good shadow scholar through an agency, half your work is done.

As a final point, always do extensive research on the web before hiring custom essay writers, whether it’s an agency or an independent professional, doesn’t matter.

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