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Tricks For Those Who Got Stuck - Explanatory Essay Topics

There are times when you just get stuck trying to come up with a good topic for your explanatory essay. An explanatory essay is designed to give your reader information on a topic. Think of yourself as an expert on the topic and that you are trying to explain it to your reader. You have to explain the topic in a manner that expresses your overall comprehension of the issue.

When choosing your topic for the explanatory essay, you want to make sure that you choose a topic that you are somewhat knowledgeable in or one that you are extremely interested in. You will have to become like an expert in the issue. There are several routes to take with this type of essay. Here are some topic ideas that you can choose from.

Personal Experiences

One great way to write an explanatory essay is to write about something that you experienced. Your experience makes you an expert, per se, in the topic. For example, you can write a paper on your experience with a diet fad. When using a personal experience for this type of paper, be sure to choose a topic that others may experience as well. You wouldn’t want to write a paper about how it was growing up in your household for this type of paper.


You can also give your opinion on a topic. You will have to conduct the research to make sure that you can give a helpful opinion. You can write your opinion on a local program or event that is being held in your community. You can write your opinion on your favorite restaurant or store as well.


Another topic that you can write your explanatory essay on is how-to-do something. You can write about how to write an essay or how to create your favorite dessert. Give the reader an idea of how to be able to mimic what you did so that they can do it themselves.

This is a fun kind of essay to write because you are the expert. You can write it about pretty much anything that you are good at. You may not need to do any research with this type of paper because you already know everything or mostly everything about it. All you have to worry about doing is translating that knowledge into words.


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