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Top 10 Analytical Essay Topics Students Won't Stop Writing on

An analytical essay is supposed to show an analysis of a certain topic. Usually in these kinds of essays, the writer needs to think of a question and provide a well thought out answer to it. For writing an analysis essay, you need to have good critical analysis skills. It is about choosing a catchy topic that will hit your target audience in the mind and will force them to continue reading to find the answer to these questions. If you have a vast audience and are not sure, what will interest them then you can think of a topic that can interest everyone. Most of the times, not all people are interested in your topic, but you need to make sure you offer good value to those who are. For example, there are questions about life, religion, God, nature, human behaviors and the universe that everyone thinks about once in life at least. You can pick one of these areas and build a catchy topic around it. However, it is very important that the topic you choose, should be of your interest. Moreover, you need to have enough information to be able to write the essay. You can off course research for anything you do not know but you need to have a basic idea that you will focus upon. The topic selection part is most critical step in writing an analysis essay.

Topic ideas for students who want to write analysis essays

  1. Why are certain people afraid of heights, water, insects, and super natural phenomenon? Do all people have same phobias or does it vary person to person
  2. Why people continue to smoke after the first time when cigarette is the least seductive thing in the world
  3. How can childhood events and occasions including domestic violence, child abuse, loss of a body part in an accident, divorce between parents affect an individual’s personality?
  4. Why do people fall in love? Is there any chemical logic behind love and the opposite gender?
  5. Older people tend to forget things a lot, why is it so? Does memory fade away with age?
  6. Can a person really control his dreams, what are the possibilities of converting a nightmare into a pleasant dream?
  7. Why is the divorce rate increasing in developed economies? Is it only finances that can help a failing marriage
  8. Why do we have Goosebumps when we are afraid, excited, or emotionally challenged?
  9. How do fish sleep with their eyes open?
  10. Why people kill?

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