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Top 23 Original Essay Topics Related To Jane Eyre

To write about literature and novels might be a tricky assignment; you have to pay attention to details more than usual. Besides, you must know your subject very well, and this means that you have to spend weeks reading and making research. Jane Eyre is a very popular novel among students, because it is so complex and it reunites different sensitive issues. Take a look at these original topics related to this novel:

  1. Patriarchy. Do you think that the society of those times was ruled entirely by men? How were women treated and perceived?
  2. Jane’s childhood. In the beginning of the novel you have the chance to find out more about her childhood. This time influenced her personality as an adult, so it is an interesting topic to write about.
  3. Sarah Reed. This is one of the negative characters of the novel; why was she against Jane?
  4. Women rights in the past. Nowadays, it’s normal for girls to go to school. However, in that time it was something uncommon.
  5. The character’s time in school. How did this influence her life?
  6. Spirituality. Jane thought that she saw the ghost of her uncle, and at school she was considered abnormal. Develop this point.
  7. Self sacrifice. The character seems ready to sacrifice herself to gain love; what do you think about this?
  8. Religion. Even in her early years, the character did not find religion as something interesting. This was considered a huge defect in the society. Is it the same way today?
  9. Is Jane Eye a Gothic Novel? Why?
  10. The red room. This is a very important element in the novel, so explore the meaning of it.
  11. Her impact as a teacher. Even though the author does not talk much about Jane’s time as a teacher, this is a crucial stage for her life.
  12. Mr. Brocklehurst.
  13. Helen Burns. Was she a model for a religious person?
  14. The years spend at Thornfield.
  15. Adele. Can she be considered a young Jane?
  16. Rochester. This intriguing character is a mystery for Jane.
  17. Is this novel a Bildungsroman?
  18. Being a governess; how was this seen in that society?
  19. Feminine beauty. Even if the main character seems a rebel, she is constantly struggling to fit in the beauty standards.
  20. Searching for love. It is worth it to sacrifice our life for this?
  21. Character Analysis. You can discuss about any character from the novel.
  22. Symbolism. Choose one symbol from the text and analyze it.
  23. Social stigma. Was the character discriminated because she was poor?

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