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The Sure Way To Ace Your Argumentative Essay On Violence

Argumentative essays are among the most common type of assignment middle and high school students receive as a way to improve their abilities in taking a side on an issue and presenting logical evidence demonstrating why that side is the correct one. Instructors never run out of subjects or topics to discuss and there seems to be an almost infinite amount of ideas coming from students. One particular topic, violence, is popular at these levels, and it offers a great opportunity for you to show off your critical thinking and writing ability. Here’s a sure way to ace your next argumentative essay on violence:

  1. Conduct some preliminary research
  2. The first step in acing your argumentative essay on violence is spending some time doing some background research online. Take note of some hot topics and look for ways to modify them so that you are working in an area all your own.

  3. Select a unique and interesting topic
  4. Not only should you write your paper in an area that has yet to be explored but it should be a topic that you find personally interesting. Your enthusiasm towards will show through in your writing making your paper more enjoyable to read.

  5. Conduct in-depth research at the library
  6. Now that you’ve settled on a topic you can proceed with conducting some in-depth research at the library. Speak with the reference librarian to create an effective search for current and relevant academic material.

  7. Organize your ideas and draft a thesis
  8. Take the notes from your research and start to organize them in discussion points. Spend a few minutes drafting a thesis statement. It doesn’t have to be precise at this point, but it should provide some direction for your paper.

  9. Develop a detailed outline before writing
  10. Take your discussion points and organize them in a detailed outline. Be sure you list on idea per paragraph section and list all related evidence below each discussion point. Keep your outline handy when you start writing your first draft.

  11. Write your first draft in a single sitting
  12. The most common technique for writing a first draft is to do so in a single sitting, writing as swiftly and as efficiently as you can. Don’t break your rhythm to make corrections. This will only slow you down and prevent you from getting all of your ideas down on paper.

  13. Revise your paper after setting it aside
  14. Set your paper aside for at least a few hours (and a day or two if you’ve started early). This allows you to revise your paper with what is commonly referred to as a fresh or open mind. Consider several ways you can improve your work by making large and small modifications.

  15. Completely edit and proofread your work
  16. The last step is to completely edit and proofread your writing. Even the smallest mistake in grammar, spelling or punctuation can lower your grade. Be sure you use clear and simple English so you don’t confuse the reader.


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