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10 Great Observation Essay Topic Ideas To Consider

Observation essays test two parameters of students; their visual grasping power and their mental reading of a scene. Sometimes, things appear supercilious but an observant person can discern the underlying volcano beneath a still surface.

Testing your perspective

You cannot treat observation essays lightly; you have to place perspective on the subject and then prove it through examples and situations. This requires acuity and the capacity to discern and dissect.

Here are 10 observation essays worth considering

  1. Why do people from poor families actually blench from visiting opulent places like malls and restaurants? What should be done to put them at ease? – Poor people are comfortable as long as they are in the midst of people of their strata. However they feel uncomfortable when they visit swanky places.
  2. Why it is so easy to establish relations in a train – You would not normally approach strangers by and by. Yet it happens naturally while travelling on a train. Let your essay shed light.
  3. Are today’s children becoming increasingly deviant or has it been the same all through? – Maybe distractions are playing their part or maybe we are rather disillusioned.
  4. Observe the tendencies of a gambler as he fosters love and compassion with people only to take advantage of him – A gambler is always on the lookout for sources which can ingratiate him with money. Observe and evaluate in your essay.
  5. Why are old mountains fascinating and old castles haunting? – This is a unique way of putting people’s mindset on the platter.
  6. Observe the changing patterns of fathers as their children grow from toddlers to adolescents to adults – Fathers change their attitude and peel off their layers like an onion as their kids grow. A detailed observation will suffice.
  7. Observe back-biting traits in corporate offices – Employees keep trying to bag promotions and show the same-stream colleagues in poor light. Assess through an enterprising essay.
  8. Observe the existence of casting couch in the movie industry – One cannot deny the existence of casting couch as several women keep succumbing to injudicious demands of the directors. Make a quality assessment of the situation.
  9. What makes a suicide bomber do what he does – It would be interesting to note what actually goes into the mind of a suicide bomber.
  10. Why do great friends suddenly turn great enemies or vice-versa? – It has been historically observed that those with immense love for each other suddenly garner intense hatred for each other. Observe and analyze.

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