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How To Create An Essay On For Whom The Bell Tolls

When you are asked to write an essay on For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway, you will have to decide on a topic to concentrate your paper on. You should main topic to concentrate on. It will look at one aspect of the book and talk about it in depth. Here is an idea of how you can create this essay.

  • Choose a topic
  • Start your paper by deciding on a topic to write your paper on. It can be something like a look into a main theme like imagery, the literary significance, allusions or references to real events, characters, etc. This will be your first step in your writing process.

  • Create your outline
  • Once you have a topic to write your paper on you will develop your outline. It will put all of your main ideas on paper and give you a chance to develop a thesis statement or the main point of your paper. You will need to make sure that you include an introduction that gives a little background information. This could be background information on the book or the time period that it was written or both. You will include background information that you believe will be relevant to understanding your thesis and paper even if someone has not read the original book. It should have a body section with three or more sections. These will work to prove the thesis statement. It will end with a conclusion that will wrap it all up.

  • Transitions
  • Make sure that you add transitions at the end, in the beginning, or at the end and the beginning of every paragraph. These are sentences or phrases that link the paragraphs together. They work well when added to your outline because then you are linking ideas together.

  • Proof
  • Find proof from your text to prove the various points that you are making. Jot down the page number so that you can cite it correctly later on.

  • Draft
  • By this point, you have mostly all of the information already there. You will just need to flesh out your outline. You have the main ideas, transitions, and proof already there.

  • Edit
  • Make sure to read it over and check it for errors. You can’t hand it in without reading it through a few times.

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