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A List Of Outstanding Topics For Argumentative Research Essays

If you’re looking for help when it comes to thinking of outstanding topics your argumentative research essay then below you will find various suggestions as to how to think of them on your own, as well as a list of ideas that may inspire.

Are there any local issues that you agree with or oppose?

A good idea is to think of any local issues that you may agree or disagree with. They may be political, environmental or of any other nature, as long as there are two sides or more to the debate.

Is there anything you want to change about the world?

As well as thinking of local issues that you may wish to base your essay upon, you may also think that any global issues that you would like to write about. These are particularly relevant if you are very passionate about the theme or topic of the issue.

Read newspapers and watch the news to help think of new ideas

If you’re struggling to think of any particular local or international issues that you’re passionate about then it can be a good idea to read newspapers and watch the news in order to inspire ideas. It may be that you find a news story particularly poignant, and therefore find a topic that you like to argue for or against.

You don’t necessarily have to base your article on something political; it could be related to sports or even the entertainment industry. Essentially, by watching the news and keeping an eye on topical events, it can help to give you the inspiration you need to think of good titles for your paper.

If you don’t have time to read the news, or you simply need a title in a hurry, then the following examples may be of use to you.

  • Should people be charged for shopping bags so as to help protect the environment?
  • Should speed limits be abolished on major roads?
  • Should car manufacturers be forced to place speed limiters on cars?
  • Should people be forced to recycle their household waste?
  • Should untouched tribes be forced to integrate within modern societies?
  • Should copyright laws be changed to ensure that creative people can benefit from their work until they die?
  • Is it ever justifiable to download pirated music and video content?
  • Should text language be banned or encourage within schools?
  • Should religious attire be banned from schools?
  • Should people be made to retake driving tests on a regular basis?

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