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Where Can I Find Great Examples of Critical Analysis Essays

The great thing about critical analysis is that you can find great examples on the internet if you know how. What is even better is if, once you find these you follow some rules

  1. Never steal anything from the text
  2. Never steal anything period
  3. Remember, all your work will be checked by a plagiarism checker.

I have students ask me all the time, “Well, I found a great essay on Hemingway and nature but I guess I cannot do this essay’s topic or that would be committing an act of plagirasim that would cause me to get in trouble, right”

The answer is no—you can borrow ideas for the focus of your idea. Why? Because, you are going to have completely original content underneath it – in fact, you would really have to because how quick would you get in trouble by stealing the title AND content.

So, where do I find great examples?

Great examples of essays on literature can be found all over the web. But some of these essays would be way above your level – heck, some of these are very philosophically theoretical, going into feminist and deconstructionist perspectives and I do not even want to read that stuff, nevertheless write it.

You need to find essays like the one you’re gong to be writing—like the freshmen of high school, freshmen of college, master’s level, or doctorate level student that you are.

Also, because many of you are probably majoring in subject other than American literature, you are probably taking an introductory survey of American literature and, let me reassure you, a high falutin’ essay like the one I just described is no way expected of you.

How to Find the Best Samples for You

So, do what I call refined searches. Look for essays that are on your level but written very well and you can use these as a model.

Search for “great student essays on The Crucible, or “Sample student essays on The World According to Garp,” or “student contest winning essays on A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

Now that you have the essay here’s what to do with it.

  1. Note how they get the reader’s attention in the intro.
  2. Note how they use a solid thesis statement.
  3. Note how they use body paragraphs for evidence and the closing.

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