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A List of 20 Good Topics for Your Next Argumentative Essay

Teachers are fond of assigning different types of essays in English class. By using different styles of essays, students learn more about the mechanics of writing. Unfortunately, students often have trouble thinking of an essay topic. For argumentative essays, students must find a topic that they can argue for or against. It has to be a topic that is debatable and potentially controversial. In addition, students must make sure that they have enough research to support their thesis. For students that need help in selecting a topic, the following argumentative essay ideas are an excellent place to start.

  1. In the modern world, students can purchase college essays online. Is cheating out of control? Should students be forced to write essays in class as a way to prevent cheating?
  2. The Central Intelligence Agency has argued that torture is necessary to extract information from terrorists, yet it is a violation of international law. Is torture be legal in the United States?
  3. Women are often given maternity leave at their workplace, but paternity leave is less common. Should fathers also be given time off after their child is born?
  4. Are human beings too dependent on technology in the modern world?
  5. Is the death penalty an effective way to deter criminals?
  6. If custody is only given to one parent, should the other parent still be required to pay child support?
  7. Should the taxation system in the United States be regressive or progressive?
  8. Is the United States better or worse than other countries when it comes to ensuring fair elections?
  9. Is affirmative action at college campuses an effective way to combat racism?
  10. Many teenagers are given curfews by their parents. Is this an effective way to keep them out of control?
  11. Should colleges expect high school students to perform extracurricular activities? Is it more important to focus just on grades?
  12. Statistically, poor Americans spend more annually on the lottery than they put in their savings account. Should the lottery system be continued by each state?
  13. Should tobacco be banned by the government? Should their be an added health insurance cost for smokers?
  14. When is it ethical to use animals in scientific research?
  15. Is the consumer culture in the United States contributing to global warming? Is recycling the best way to combat this problem?
  16. Many cities like Chicago and New York City have street cameras in place. Is this an invasion of privacy or an effective way to combat crimes?
  17. Are vaccines safe for children to use?
  18. Is it fair for companies to market to children?
  19. Are online classes as good as in-person classes?
  20. Do CEOs make too much money?

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