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Some Great Tips for Writing a Good Essay about Yourself

You may be asked to write an essay about yourself. This is one of the harder essays to write even though it is about a person that you know better than anyone else. The main reason why it is harder than writing about someone else is mostly because you don’t know exactly what you want to talk to your reader about. When you are writing a paper about someone else, you only have a limited amount of information. You can give them a brief description of their childhood because you really only know where they were born, where they went to school, how many siblings they had, and basic information like that. You know everything about yourself.

The best way to narrow down your information to write a good essay about yourself is to follow these simple tips.

  1. Brainstorm: You would start this process by brainstorming. You can answer some basic questions about yourself to get started. Jot down who you are, what you do for a living, where you live, when you were born, and information pertaining to your family and childhood. You can also jot down some significant milestones or accomplishments.
  2. Choose a topic: From the information that you have from brainstorming, start to form a topic that you would like to write about. This could be your childhood, an achievement, your family, or any other topic that you decide.
  3. Create an outline: Your next step is to create an outline. This will help you organize your ideas. It is a great way to see how your paper will turn out. If you are going to write about your childhood, you can list events in chronological order. By putting them in your outline, you can get a sense of when certain events occurred.
  4. Rough draft: The next step is to turn that outline into a rough draft. This is your first attempt at writing the essay. You will take this copy and edit it until you get your final copy.

These are some great tips to help your right a good essay about yourself. Be sure to proofread and edit your rough draft and use transitional phrases to help direct your reader through the paper. When writing any essay, it is important to concentrate on a main theme and stick to it. That way the whole paper will flow nicely and make sense.

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