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Help me get fresh and not overused academic essay topics

The choice of topic for your academic essay is always an important issue. Get it right and you're well on the way to doing the right thing by yourself. Get it wrong and you suddenly have an uphill task. The assumption here of course is that you are being given a choice when it comes to your academic essay topics. Your teacher or professor has not told you what the topic will be.

So having a choice you hope that you can get something fresh and not an overused essay topic. That's one thing. The other thing is assuming you can find something which is fresh and new and not overused, yet you still have to subject that topic to the test. You need to ask yourself certain questions.

  • Do I know anything about this topic?
  • Do I like this topic?
  • Am I likely to be studying this topic in more detail later in my schooling?

So the above three questions will help you in the selection of your topic. It might be fresh and underused but are you excited about writing such an essay? Have you got a head full of information and ideas related to this topic? Are you planning on studying this topic in greater detail later in your studies? If yes, then go for it. But where do you find topics which are fresh and not overused?

First you will know the online community is awash with educational websites. You can find academic websites from schools and colleges. You can find them from individual teachers and professors. You can find them from companies which provide academic assistance in the form of homework help and essay writing services. There is certainly no shortage of information available.

But therein lies the problem. If an academic essay topic is listed online, then chances are many other students are doing exactly as you are and looking for those fresh and underused essay topics.

One solution is that you take a topic which you believe to be fresh or reasonably so and then look for a different angle on that topic. You won't be writing the essay from the same point of view as anybody else. You might get a fresh angle on what might be a fresh topic by doing some brainstorming. A clever approach can always help make your essay stand out.


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