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5 Persuasive Essay Topics About School: How To Turn The Teacher On The Student’s Side

You want to write a persuasive essay that your teacher will see as a valid argument.  This can be hard because they have probably heard it all before and they are a little bit harder to convince.  That is why you have to pick a great topic and picking a topic about school can be the way to do it.  They know quite a bit on the subject, so you better make a great claim to your point of view on the subject.  This can be done through great research and writing.  If you can’t do either of these well, learn them because you will need them almost everyday of your life.

5 Persuasive Essay Topics About School

  • Is it fair how standardized tests are used to determine how much money a school receives?  These test are suppose to measure how well students are doing but what they really are is a way to determine which schools get more money each year.  School that do poorly get less than school that do better is this fair or should schools that do poorly get more money to help their students?
  • Should school be year round?  This practice is done in other countries but should the United States do it too? Some will argue that kids need time off, while others think it helps the kids retain all of the information that they might lose over the summer.  What is your take on this idea?
  • Does the size of a class help the students learn better?  Some say that smaller class can help a student learn better and faster than in a larger class.  What is your take on this subject?  Look for studies to back up your point of view.
  • Should all kids attend preschool?  Does preschool really give kindergarteners an edge or is it just a waste of time and money for the parents.  Do children that attend preschool do better in school or the same as children that didn’t go to preschool?
  • Should school teach more life skills like, doing taxes, balancing a checkbook, making a budget, to students to help them as adults?  These skills are ones that every adult has to deal with everyday but why don’t we teach them in schools.  These are used more than most of the other things that they learn but students don’t learn about them until they are adults and living on their own.  Would this prepare them for the real world better than algebra?

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