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What Do You Need to Create a Strong Essay

What makes a strong essay? This is the question you need to ask yourself before you start working on this type of assignment. You have to exactly know how to create a paper that will interest and impress the readers. Otherwise, all the time and effort you invest in writing will be wasted.

The defining elements of a strong essay are:

  • An interesting and original topic.

    Even if the subject you need to write about is far from exciting, you need to choose a topic that will catch the readers’ attentions. People must be interested in what you have to say, and they are attracted by unusual things. Present your topic from an original perspective that will make it stand out.

  • An introductory paragraph that draws the readers in.

    Your paper’s introduction must be catchy and interesting. Don’t start it with some boring sentence where you state the purpose of the essay. Jump right to the point and try to build up some suspense. Such a beginning may seem too sudden but is definitely intriguing, which is exactly what you need at this stage.

  • A strong and specific thesis statement.

    This sentence, which will serve as the core of your paper, must present an argument that is meant to be discussed. If you simply state a fact, people won’t read the paper because they already know everything you have to say.

  • A definite position on the issues discussed in the paper.

    You need to stay true to your arguments so that it will be evident that you are perfectly convinced that this point of view is the right one. You must be consistent, as this amount of conviction will make your arguments appear stronger.

  • Clear and formal language.

    A strong, high quality essay must be written in a language that any person will be able to understand, even one who is completely unfamiliar with the subject. Keep your style formal and tone neutral. This will ensure that you don’t offend your opponents when presenting your arguments. Reduce the use of complicated terms where possible, and be consistent with the ones you include in the paper.

  • Consistent and correct grammar.

    Grammar and spelling mistakes will make any essay look unprofessional. Therefore, you will need to edit your paper several times to eliminate all of them. Be consistent with the use of tenses, as this may influence the text’s clarity.

  • Transition words.

    A good paper needs to flow smoothly. You can achieve this effect by using transition words such as “despite,” “however,” “thus,” etc.


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