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Top 15 Controversial Essay Topics About Death Penalty

From one country to another , penalties meted on laws breakers always range from fair to brutal or rather punitive. However, in all instances and circumstances no matter how harsh or fair a judge has been when handing down judgment on a law breaker, not many members of the public are always impressed. Grievances will always be abounded in any legal jurisdiction because at the end of the day, one person is found guilty and the other innocent. It could be the accused or the accuser, but whatever reasons that make one feel his or her grievances has not be addressed with all fairness, that is a topic for another day. Well, a lot of times students and the general public a controversial legal penalty practiced in some parts of the world. Also known as capital punishment, death penalty as a legal decision always handed down on hardcore criminals such as murderers has since been phased out in some countries because the public and law makers in such places have rallied their support for an end of such a punitive law. It is both a law and a penalty and so, when as a student you have been tasked to craft an essay about death penalty, the likelihood of writing something of the commonplace is never easy to wish away. With this in mind, you have got to think of a number of topics which can make a good essay and ultimately earn you good grades.

To this end, the means to a good ending should see you research on topics worth writing on and to get you started, this post lists some of them below.

  • What is the relevance of death penalty as a legal decision in some countries?
  • Revival of death penalty in UK. Should it be pursued?
  • Should capital penalty be meted on drug dealers worldwide?
  • The place of death penalty in modern democracy. Discuss with relevant examples
  • Presidency and parole on death penalty convicts
  • Trace the origin of death penalty to modern day democracy
  • A look into death penalty and ethics considerations
  • Is death penalty founded on biblical teachings?
  • Death penalty and legal amendments in Canada
  • The death penalty debate: Ethics and law enforcement
  • Discuss Islamic law on death penalty
  • Discuss various ways of administering death penalty
  • Crime prevention and death penalty. Discuss with examples
  • The aftermath of death penalty: Discuss the experience family of a death penalty of a convict always go through and their relationship with the state.
  • What is your justification of capital punishment?

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